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Auto Appearance Specialist
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Headlight  Restoration
Headlight  Restoration
Call 919-244-1184
Don't Replace your damaged Headlights!

Restore them to Factory like Condition.

Over time, plastic light enclosures become
discolored, foggy, scratched, clouded, yellowed,
pitted and seemingly destroyed by the harmful
effects of the sun, and many other factors.

This effect will not only degrade the value of your
vehicle and its appearance, but also can create a
loss of your headlights key function - 'illumination'.
This natural deterioration can be extremely
dangerous when driving at night.

Dealer replacement lenses can cost as much as
$400 and up per headlight, this does not include
installation. There can be a lot of labor involved in
taking off the old lights, because bumpers and other
parts might have to be removed.

Clearlites will restore your headlights like new, for a
fraction of the cost.
  • Makes driving safe again

  • Improves the value of your auto

  • Saves money by restoring rather than

  • Improves visibility and appearance

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