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Headlight  Restoration
Headlight  Restoration
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Last week the owner of Clearlites, Stefan Cummings, paid me a visit. I'd asked him to examine my wife's 1996
Honda Civic and see if he could improve the appearance and effectiveness of the Honda's headlights.

He spent about 30 minutes working on the headlights. When he was finished, the previously dull surface was
gleaming and clear.

I'd asked for his help because I was concerned that the dulled finish might be reducing the amount of light
cast by the headlights.

After Stefan's efforts, there is a marked difference in night-time driving visibility.

I want to thank Stefan for his work. My wife's car looks great, and night driving is vastly improved.


Bob Lynch
Chapel Hill
Dear Stefan,

I would like to just take the time and tell how I really appreciate the job you have done on my Mercedes, you
have definitely have made a difference to my headlights. I am quite impressed and so are my co-workers and
colleagues here at the dealership, I have been in the automobile industry for six years and never have I have
seen some that could take my yellow and foggy headlights and make them look as crystal clear as did without
wet sanding "truly Unbelievable"!!!!

I am definitely going to recommend you and Clearlites to all my friends who are in the car business and to my
customers as well. I hope your business becomes a huge success because you do a stupendous job and may
GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Reggie Snowden, Master Sales Guild Member, Crown Honda of South Point.
Hi Stefan,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the job you did on my headlights. I can't believe the
difference it makes to have the headlights refinished. The lights are much brighter at night - just like when the
car is new!

We certainly will tell everyone about your service.

Thanks again!!

Ed & Jean Scholz
Dear Stefan,

We want to thank you for reconditioning the headlights on our 1999 Lexus RX300! The lenses were no longer
shiny any more and with the vehicle being over 7 years old, we were considering replacing the headlights. But
thanks to Clearlights, our car looks years younger without having to spend over $700 to replace the
We've even noticed that our lights are much brighter at night. Thanks for the beautiful job!

Joe & Amy Tarantino
Garner, NC
Sales Order # 1239

Thanks again for the great work you did this past Saturday. I look
forward to spreading the word on your niche business.

Have a great week.


Taylor Coleman
Financial Representative
Oh, Baby!
I have owned my 1997 Honda Civic Ex for a few years now and for a long time I never really payed much
attention to the small detail of my vehicle's headlights. I suddenly started to realize the beam of lights from my
car was putting a very low output of visibility which certainly was a safety issue to me other drivers and had no
idea what to do. I decided to place a set of xenon blue bulb headlights in and see if that would make a
difference; but it seem dissatisfying and a waist of money. Consulted with some auto detailers which tried to
use a buffing process but that was not successful. The only alternative was to just replace both headlights;
however wanting to use original Honda parts was extremely expensive and based on the year of my vehicle
felt wasn't worth it. When I thought all was lost I came across a service that specialized in bringing all types
headlights no matter what year or type of vehicle back to life. Clearlites performed the most outstanding job
on my headlights and now my xenon's are performing to their potential. Hey I look forward to running my lights
at night and so will you. Thanks Clearlights!

Darryle R. Banks
Raleigh, NC
Dear Stefan:
On behalf of Wheels4Hope, thank you for the donation of your time, equipment, and travel to repair the dull,
clouded headlights on our 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager.  Wow!  You did a wonderful job.  Because our
cars are donated and tend to be older, we have a consistent problem with fogged headlights. Your treatment
brought the headlights back to a clarity that I did not think was possible on a 10 year old car. The volunteers
and staff at Wheels4Hope are very impressed with your work.   
As you know, Wheels4Hope is in the business of providing low-cost, safe, reliable transportation to needy
families in the Triangle.  Cloudy headlights are not safe.  Your magic was a big help in getting that car back
on the road.  Your donation of your services has helped one more family have safe, reliable transportation to
get to work, daycare, school, and other day to day activities. Because of your help, a family has taken a
huge step toward independence.   
In accordance with federal law, I must acknowledge your contribution and denote that no goods, services or
other considerations were given in exchange for this contribution.  Wheels4Hope has been designated as a
tax-exempt, charitable organization by the IRS under Section 501(c) (3).  Therefore, your donation is
deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Again, thank you for your gift and your continued support.  If you have any questions about Wheels4Hope,
please feel free to call me or visit our website at
Susan M. Baker
Operations Manager